Linking Humans To Their Health

Why We

Because it's your information. history. decision. family. future. health. information.

At HATCX, we believe the healthcare industry needs to change—and we want to be that positive change. We are bursting with ideas, energy, and a deep understanding of how healthcare works (and often, how it doesn’t). We exist to help connect you with your health.

HATCX is an incubator service for the development of healthcare innovations and products. We believe in creating easy, simple solutions to a complex industry. We want to empower you with the right tools to make the best personal health decisions. We want to innovate where innovation is needed most—to bring transparency to service, give you control of your personal health information and make it easy to access.

Ultimately we want to change the way you think about and use healthcare.

Who We Are

We Heart Our Community

We are headquartered in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska and proud of it. Seeking to give back to our community by organizing opportunities and events for our employees to engage and give back constantly, we are passionate about positive impact and change no matter how big or small.

To find out about our upcoming events, please visit us on Facebook or to nominate an event for HATCX’s consideration please email

We Heart our problems to solve & our team members who solve them.

We seek to provide the best workplace environment and the best benefits so you can work hard, have fun and make history.

At HATCX, we value people who think big, are solution oriented, are action oriented, are problem lovers, are humble and accountable, can provide a fresh take, will celebrate failures, will take risks, and want to push boundaries.

Best People

Our employees are what make us successful, and we think they are awesome. You will work with a smart, innovative, positive and supportive team who wants you to succeed. Come work with some of the best and brightest people in our industry.



We seek to provide the best workplace environment and the best benefits so you can work hard, have fun and make history.

Available Positions

We currently have no open positions, but check back weekly or feel free to contact us. We're always looking for BIG thinkers and problem solvers who are solution-oriented, love to innovate, and want to build awesome stuff.


Flexible Hours

Night Owl? Morning Person? We all have different preferences, and we allow you to work within them.



All work and no play makes the day long and the job boring. We have monthly events planned to allow everyone a break.


Casual Enviroment

Send those power suits to Goodwill for a tax donation! We encourage a relaxed environment and our dress code supports it.



Join the ping pong tourney, zone out with the PlayStation®, find your inner peace with some yoga or catch up on your soaps. We offer an amazing break area, fully stocked kitchen and zen space to help you take a break how ever you deem necessary.



Is your sister getting married in Mexico and you have a trip planned to Vegas this year? No worries, we offer generous vacation. We measure output not hours worked. Get your work done and have some FUN! Time away is important for your personal well being. We encourage our employees to take time off to rest and recharge.


The Road Ahead

As always, the future is unclear, but we're paving the road to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through empowering you with the tools you need to thrive. Stay tuned, something big is coming...

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