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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s Digital Innovation Lab

Founded in 2016, we harness the collective power of BCBSNE’s entrepreneurial spirit, deep health care expertise and data-driven approach to solve health care’s biggest challenges through innovation and technology.

HATCX: Where Innovation Meets Customer Experience

We set visions, create strategies and design compelling digital experiences that empower organizations to address their most complex business challenge—the health and well-being of their employees.

Our Solutions Are Changing the Way People Access and Use Their Health Care Benefits.

Bill Smythe, Vice President of Marketing at Nebraska Bankers Association, saves $800 by “shopping” for MRIs.

“It surprised me that there was that much of a difference in price…I’d never had a tool like HATCX | cost before to help me figure that out.”

– Bill Smythe | BCBSNE Member

You wouldn’t go to the store and make a purchase without knowing the cost of an item, yet our members do this every day with their health care services. Understanding the cost of procedures has traditionally been opaque, with cost information difficult to locate and access.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska recognized the need for transparent cost information. They challenged HATCX to design a platform that gives members personalized results, empowering them to easily and effectively understand their health care costs.

The platform, called HATCX | cost, launched in May 2017 and provides the average cost of procedures, copayment and deductible information, coinsurance percentage and more.

And it’s working. Members using HATCX | cost spent 18.5 percent less on claims between May 2017 and January 2019 when compared to non-HATCX users during the same period.

“We shop for a lot of things, but I don’t think we shop for health care,” said Bill Smythe, vice president of marketing at Nebraska Bankers Association. Smythe saved approximately $700-800 after he downloaded HATCX | cost and found a lower-cost location for a scheduled MRI. “It surprised me that there was that much of a difference in price,” he said. “I’d never had a tool like HATCX | cost before to help me figure that out.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s Digital Innovation Lab, HATCX, continues to create innovate products that make health care easier to use and navigate. We are focused on accelerating digital health transformation through data intelligence and simple solutions in a complex industry. We can’t wait to share our next success story.

We Are Developers, Designers, Scientists and Problem-Solvers Who Are Passionate About Improving the Future of Health Care.

There’s no playbook for innovation, and we like it that way. We embrace a culture of curiosity, and pride ourselves in saying, “yes, if…” before “no.” Being a flat team means we’re empowered to bring forth all levels of ideas—from the courageous to the practical. We are always learning, never settling.

Blake F.
Product Design Manager

I’m a very conceptual person who doesn’t get caught up on the details of things, and loves being able to think through how to solve customer problems. If only I could come up with a solution to having five children under the age of eight (yes, I did say five) who all beg me for a dog.

Brett V.
UI/UX Designer

I love all things space related; I have a space themed tattoo sleeve and watch rocket launches like other people watch football games. I enjoy working at HATCX because I get to solve unique design challenges while working on products that will truly make people’s lives easier.

Christina O.
Director of Innovation Delivery

I love our products! We get information into consumers’ hands so they can make educated decisions about their health. Every day I get to work with an amazing team and create amazing products. It isn’t a job at HATCX…it’s a passion.

Dave P.
Software Developer

My coworkers would probably describe me as tall, beardy and focused. That’s pretty accurate. I’ve been with HATCX since the beginning and love working with talented people who make me a better developer. Also, please don’t ever call a hotdog a sandwich. It is not.

Eric F.
Mobile Developer

I am obsessed with making things—both at work and home. Whether it’s software, furniture, or metal flowers, I love to create! I also love the HATCX team. We are a seriously fun group.

Erin O.
Reporting Analyst

When I’m not spoiling my dog, studying for my master’s, cheering on the Cyclones or working at HATCX…actually never mind—those things consume most of my time. I’ve been told I’m “old school” due to my love for CDs, live TV and crocheting; which is ironic since I’m the youngest HATCXer.

Jeff R.
Sr. Cloud Infrastructure & Security Engineer

I love my job so much that I moved from Colorado to Omaha to be with my fellow HATCXers in person. I’m also obsessed with tech and security, so I instantly regret that I just said that. This bio will destruct in 30 seconds… [insert mission impossible music].

Lisa P.
Director of Innovation Delivery

I pride myself in being someone who removes impediments and encourages people to try new things. I love our team at HATCX and the fact that what we are doing could make people’s lives a little bit easier.

Marcus R.
Software Developer

Hobby board games are kinda my thing. I play many, have designed a fair few, and have a couple published titles. Should the end times come, I’ll have 400 or so unique games to pass the time/burn for warmth.

Matt B.
Database Administrator

Easy going, like a Sunday morning—well, a Sunday morning you’d spend playing golf. I’m obsessed with playing and watching sports: the professional, intramural AND fantasy varieties. I kind of have to be as a Detroit Lions fan.

Nicholas J.
UI/UX Designer

Nick “When did we get this second designer?” Jones. That’s me! I have an obnoxious amount of patience and an obsession with Legos (I probably have a problem). I love the growth HATCX allows me to have as a designer, and all of the random conversations.

Praveen B.
Software Developer

If you see someone walking in shorts in the middle of winter to a racquetball court…don’t be alarmed, it’s just me. I’m curious, a good team player, and I’m excited to work at a place that has a ping pong table in the office!

Robert K.
Data Scientist

It’s hard to think of something original and witty when your name begins with R and this list is in alphabetical order. Maybe I’ll start going by ‘Bob’ at work, and get moved to the top of the list.

Santhosh M.
Automation Engineer | Harbinger Partners

Originally from Hyderabad, India, I speak three different languages. I love playing and watching cricket and cooking (my chicken curry dish is pretty amazing). I’m currently saving for a Harley Davidson bike because…why not!

Sean O.
Sean O. Mobile Developer

I went to four schools in three states to get my bachelor’s degree, and am known around HATCX as, “the new guy with all the kids.” I’m also a huge Star Wars fan who may or may not be able to tell you the cultural significance of Chewie’s belt.

Sripal R.
Sripal R. Test Engineer

I was born and raised in a village in India and have always been proud to be from an agricultural family. It’s part of why moving to the Cornhusker state felt natural. The happiest day of my life was when my daughter was born, and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Toby A.
Software Developer

Since I started a few days before the other Toby, I am truly OG Toby. I love working at HATCX because of the cool people, fun technology and mutual respect we all have for one another.

Toby F.
Mobile Developer

Frequently referred to as “the other Toby.” I’m a lefty who hates smudging, but becoming right-handed sounded like a hassle. So, I figured I’d write backwards instead. I swear it made sense at the time.

Travis E.
Consultant | Deliveron

I love painting miniatures and am obsessed with people in tights (aka super heroes). I also have my private pilot’s license. One time I went flying and realized my door wasn’t shut all the way. It was sort of scary. I suppose it’s crazy that they would let me have a license.

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We are located inside the Scott Technology Center, which has a long history of supporting innovation. The modern, inspiring facility is located adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Omaha Scott Campus, and allows us to collaborate alongside businesses, tech startups and incubators.

BCBSNE Corporate Headquarters

1919 Aksarben Drive
Omaha, NE 68180

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6825 Pine Street, Suite 141
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