Take Control of Your Health care Costs

How Does HATCX | cost Work?

HATCX | cost is a simple, easy-to-use app that lets you determine the cost of medical services. It connects to your specific insurance benefits to ensure the most accurate estimate. It also allows you to compare providers and pricing to choose what is best for you.

Find What You Are Looking for With Our Service Search

HATCX | cost makes it easy to find the exact service you’re interested in. Our app has many of the most common medical services, and we’re adding to this list constantly.

Choose From Many Provider Options to Best Suit You

After selecting the service you’re interested in, HATCX | cost will list your provider options. Since a search is only as good as its results, we sort all providers by price and location.

View Your Personalized Cost Breakdown

You’ll then be able to view a cost breakdown that includes average price, copayment, remaining deductible, coinsurance percentage, estimated payment and your estimated cost for the service you’ve searched.

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