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Questions About HATCX | cost?

What is a ‘service’ search?

When you search for a service, you are searching for a service, procedure or treatment that a doctor or facility has recommended you have. E.g. MRI, CT scan, etc.

What is a ‘specialty’ search?

When you search by specialty, you are searching for a specific specialty in medicine and medical practice. After completing medical school, physicians or surgeons usually further their medical education in a specific specialty of medicine by completing a multiple year residency to become a medical specialist. E.g. Gynecology, Ophthalmology, etc.

What is a ‘doctor’ search?

When you select to search for a doctor, you have the ability to search for specific facilities, clinics or medical professionals by their name, first, last, or both. E.g. Dr. John Smith, Julia Smith, etc.

Why don’t I see my review when I’ve submitted it?

All reviews must go through a moderation process before they are posted. This process can take some time and that is why you may not see your review right away.

How do I know if the doctor listed is in-network?

All results provided within HATCX | cost are in-network based on your benefits with your insurance carrier. We get this specific network information from the connection to your online benefits account.

Am I guaranteed the prices listed?

Prices are subject to change based on location, time, and date. Pricing may also change based on claims currently being processed at Blue Cross Blue Shield. This all means pricing cannot be guaranteed for (finished) searches.

How does HATCX | cost calculate my cost?

We use your Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits to calculate the cost of the services you select based on your actual deductible, coinsurance, copay, and out-of-pocket maximum for the insurance year.

How does HATCX | cost get all my specific insurance information?

HATCX | cost calculates your plan specific costs through a secure connection with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

How often are services added or updated?

We constantly expand and improve our service list. If you are unable to find a service, please email us at to let us know.

How often is cost information updated?

Your benefits information updates daily. Provider charge information periodically updates as the fees change.

My physician recommended someone or someplace, why should I choose differently?

HATCX | cost exists to put you back in control of your healthcare costs. There are options out there to save you money. Start a conversation with your physician with our help. Your health and your money matter to us. Let’s put them both to work for you.

What does HATCX mean?

HATCX (pronounced “hatch”) believes in linking humans to their health. The CX stands for “customer experience” because our first focus is the customer/user experience.

What happens if I don’t have insurance?

You can still use our app to find providers for services you select. Once you have insurance, you will be able to see what your cost will be, based on your plan’s benefits.

What is my estimated cost?

The cost of a service calculated using your benefits.

What is out-of-pocket maximum or limit?

The required maximum amount paid per year for each covered person and/or covered family before benefits are paid 100% of the approved amount.

What is the BCBS Average Price?

The average price the insurance company paid each provider for similar services.

What is the BCBS Estimated Payment?

The estimated amount the insurance company will pay for the service.

What is the coinsurance?

The percentage amount you pay for care after you’ve met your deductible. This percentage does not change.

What is the copayment?

A flat rate you pay for a specific service, e.g., an office visit. Once the copay is paid, the insurance company usually pays the remainder of that covered medical expense. Different provider types may have different copay amounts, e.g., primary care physician or specialist.

What is the deductible?

The amount of allowable annual charges which you must pay for covered services. Once paid, your service benefits are payable by the contract.

Why are only some services and procedures listed?

We had to start somewhere, and our research showed these were the most ‘in demand’ services. We are always improving our services list. If you have a suggestion, please email us at and let us know.

Why is the first result sometimes in another city or quite far from me?

We are currently listing results by lowest cost within a 50-mile radius. If your cost is $0, we will sort by BCBSNE Average Price, then by distance. In the future, results may be sorted by distance based on population.

Why isn’t a member on my plan showing on the HATCX | cost app?

Since we follow HIPAA guidelines, anyone on your plan over the age of 18 requires a PHI authorization form to be signed and on file for that member.